Hole In The Sky 2015

After getting on stage with some friends for the first time in 10 years I found myself wanting to record something. This was written in 1988, or thereabouts, by my friend Kenji Yamauchi.[soundcloud id='227029933' height='false']  

Lozenge – Perpetual Smile

Circa 1998 - the short lived Lozenge featured Tony Lee on Drums, Michael Sawyer on Bass/Vocals, Rob Elliott on Bass 2/Vocals and Gary Jones on Guitar/Vocals. A mix of originals and covers we played fuelled by beer, snacks and the smell of Rock and Roll.     Perpetual Smile was...

Musical History Notes

I have decided to make this a journey through my musical life, from playing to engineering. Snippets of what was and possibly some previews of what has yet to come.

Gary J. Jones – St. Joan’s Fire

[soundcloud id='409013910' height='false'] St. Joan's Fire was written and recorded in the summer of 2012 in a hotel room in Barcelona after experiencing the strained celebratory spirit of a bankrupt nation.